”Your partner from start to success.” 

 RDK can help your organization excel in critical areas -

Clear Goals, Clear Objectives

Your mission is a statement of your top level strategic goal. RDK can help you improve and describe your business outcomes to make your mission more memorable and motivating for your staff and partners.

Your business goals reflect your overall intention. RDK can help you align your project objectives and results with your goals.

Assess Needs, Practical Solutions

Your success depends on a clear view of what is and what should be (alternatively, “…what you have and what you need”).  RDK can help you assess data and qualitative information, identify major problem areas, highlight strengths and assets, and work with you to identify areas of high priority.

Your strategy is your plan of action in turbulent and competitive times. RDK can help you create a winning strategy by assessing performance, developing actions steps to enhance program success, and increasing the capacity of your organization to better meet challenges.

You want your programs and projects to make a difference. RDK can help you identify practical solutions, apply project plans, and measure results.

Monitor Outcomes, Improve Performance

It is not enough to work hard and hope for the best; every organization needs to track its progress.  Are programs meeting their goals?  RDK can help you monitor the outcomes of your activities, benefits to your clients, and your impacts on community health.

To increase your positive impact you need to know where you are going, what you should be doing, and how you can do it better. RDK can help you review and assess activities, your short and long term goals and help you make changes necessary to achieve the results you desire.

Improve Marketing

You want to be able to use solid evidence of program success to demonstrate accountability and improve program operations. RDK can help you develop effective communications for boards, benefactors and the public. 

You want your organization to stand out from the competition based on high quality and effective performance. RDK can help you develop clear problem assessments, responsive strategies and positive outcomes that can position your organization for future financial support.





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